Membership Benefits & Levels


Designing Austin’s Fashion Ecosystem

Austin Fashion Initiative amplifies the regional fashion industry through network support, resource access and cross-industry collaboration.

Join the Initiative

At its core, Austin Fashion Initiative is a formal network of fashion-related businesses and professionals operating in the central Texas region. Becoming an AFI member integrates you into a community dedicated to supporting and nurturing your success. AFI’s resources and benefits grow with each additional membership, and we work directly with you to address your specific needs and showcase your unique contribution to our industry.

Membership Benefits

  • Inclusion in a collaborative community. Each AFI member brings unique experiences, perspectives, and resources to the table. AFI works to curate and leverage these strengths to help address specific needs in the development of fashion businesses throughout the industry supply-chain. Access to the AFI membership means you know where to turn when faced with new challenges and opportunities.

  • Enthusiastic support of your fashion-related business, skills, services, events, sales, and product offering. No matter the size or type of your fashion-related business, we work to get to know you and share your unique contribution with the network and wider Austin community when appropriate.

  • Cross Industry Collaboration. AFI is dedicated to leveraging the other amazing industry resources Austin has to offer. Gain access to a network that will help you make strategic connections intersecting Austin’s film, music, food, retail, media, technology and entrepreneurial industries.

  • Two Mentorship Sessions. Receive an invitation for two 30-minute consultancy meetings spaced throughout your annual membership with AFI where we’ll discuss your interests, goals and challenges, and offer feedback, insight and recommendations based on our expertise in navigating the global fashion industry.

  • Exclusive Member Events. You’ll receive invitations for our membership roundtables. These are great opportunities to fully engage with the AFI network, share your journey, receive peer-to-peer mentorship, and learn from industry experts and special guest speakers.

  • Membership Directory. As an AFI member, you’ll gain access to the full directory of professional and affiliate members.

  • Slack Channel. Our Slack channel is an opportunity to keep the conversation going with the membership community, strengthening member relationships.

  • Access to Promotional Opportunities. We’re sometimes approached by members of the media for PR and editorial opportunities, or other professionals looking to find specific kinds of brands and thought leaders. Our membership directory is our first resource for story and/or service recommendations, and when appropriate we make introductory connections to showcase the amazing brands and professionals in Austin.

  • Advocacy and Leadership. As the founder of AFI, Jennifer Millspaugh works to connect business, non-profit and government organizations and highlight Austin’s unique contribution to the global fashion community. In this pursuit, AFI provides leadership for Austin's fashion industry and advocacy for its members.


Annual Membership Fees

Annual Rolling Membership (Membership is renewable a year from date of purchase).

Membership Levels

AFI offers membership levels that grow with your business. Membership of AFI is open to anyone who works within or supports Austin's fashion industry.

Members of AFI include individuals who work full-time or own/operate businesses in the fashion industry throughout every level of the supply chain: design, promotion, sales, production and distribution, such as designers, sourcing and logistics experts, retailers, manufacturers, stylists, brand and marketing experts, PR and sales agents, models and more.

Our membership also encourages cross-sector collaboration by including those who provide vital assistance to the fashion industry, such as venture capitalists / investors, attorneys, accountants, insurance agencies, media agencies, other service providers, and individuals and organizations (public, private, non-profit, government, education institutions) that would like to support Austin Fashion Initiative.

  • Individual: $150

  • Business: $300 (includes access for up to 3 individuals)